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We provide secure transportation, which encompasses in-depth knowledge and a measured level of skill, to safely transport our clients for personal or business trips.

Meet Rod Rodriguez 

Highly qualified security minded professional with well-rounded background in day- to-day security operations with focus on discreetly and diplomatically safeguarding lives, property, and public image of clients.  

After 6 years in the Army, Rod worked 5 years as a private security driver for Thomas O. Hicks and his personal family as well as his partners at Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst.  As a licensed personal protection officer, his duties were focused on being aware and proactive using counter intelligence and risk mitigation tactics.  

Rod is a former 6 year Police S.W.A.T. officer and has years of security driving experience in Dallas / Fort Worth, Houston, Austin as well as Las Vegas, NV & La Jolla, CA.

Licensed as a Security Consultant & Personal Protection Officer in the great State of Texas.

Lic# 37152303 & Lic#B10515701

We offer private FBO and commercial flight pick-ups and/or drop-offs. We can also provide transport for hourly or daily business trips throughout the city.  

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